Question for those who have done this before...

I am about to enter my senior year in ID, obviously and I had a few questions:

First, I know what regions I want to pursue jobs in, but I am wondering when is the best time to apply for entry level jobs. I see that some firms have open positions now but if I’m not going to be out of school for 10 months should I bother applying?

I want to start early but not too early. I don’t want to be one of those kids who waits till the last minute. I was one of the only students in my class to land an internship this summer and I know it’s not because I am the best in my class but most likely because I was the most dedicated to finding a job. So basically, I am wondering when should I start sending out mailers (since email is pointless)?

Thanks for your help.

Most companies prioritize on a quarterly basis so I would not bother contacting people until the end of the first semester of your senior year. People don’t know if they need additional resources 10 months in advance for the most part.

That makes sense, so you would suggest around January to start sending out materials which would hopefully put you right before the graduation rush.

It also doesn’t hurt to apply to local jobs right now. You might be able to land a part time gig while you finish up your degree, this would be a pretty ideal situation and you start gaining experience before you even graduate.