question for men who date women

Hello everyone,

Do most men still prefer to pick up a woman from her house for a date. I’m asking because I recently dated a guy who insisted on us driving in separate cars to meet him at restaurants, his house and other locations. He complained about being a chauffer, and insisted he didn’t want a so-called role playing relationship.

By the way, I’m a good-looking mid-20’s female with an awesome design job, no kids, and slender build. Even his friends told me they found me attractive.

If a guy continually insists on you meeting him for a date is that a good thing? I have never encountered a guy like this one. What are your thoughts?

have you been to his house?

separate cars sounds pretty stupid, there has to be a reason.

Yes, I have been to his house. It seemed that whenever we would date it involved me traveling to his house all the time. We both live in the suburbs.

I should mention that I lived with my parents in the suburbs. Although, he seemed to like my parents and would eat dinner with us. This guy had roomates in his house. This made things strange, especially for private moments.

Now, I have my own apartment in the suburbs. I mean this is a nice suburb, not a hop, skip and jump from a major city. I actually have a washer and dryer in my apartment. The property is shared with a country club. It’s that nice.

CLASSIC sign of a guy who’s up to something.

He’s definitely hiding something, whether something weird at his place or he’s married. Or have kids.

The chaffeur excuse is lame but I can see myself whinning about it as an excuse if I was up to no good.

Watch yourself. Don’t make it an obsession but little gumshoe work here and there while keeping yourself non chalant is the perfect solution.

Direct approach by asking him could be good, but then you can also F it up by spooking him and he’ll step it up a notch to hide whatever he’s hiding (thus harder for subsequent gumshoe work).

Now get to work!

Carmen Sandiego is on the loose!

Driving in separte cars makes no sense. Insisting on it is even more crazy.

Don’t worry about scaring him off, worry more about keeping away from him! I’d say there is something fishy here (I’m a guy) and if I were you I’d move on.

move on to your lap?

crap advice.

stop beating around the bush, and making a anthill out of a zit.
people are fuking weird in general. they do strange things.

if it bothers you, ask him, “wtf is going on? whytf do you want to drive in separate cars? it fuking inefficient, its abnormal, puzzling, disturbing, and plain weird.” Also ask him if he’s afraid of being seen with you. that seems to be my biggest guess.

how old is he? what does he do? does he act normally in other areas?

What? Maybe he doesn’t like your golf buddies and is deathly afraid of plaid “SLACKS” and visors. Just kidding- but I certainly would steer clear of a woman who lives in a country club… there is just something uneasy about it.

seriously… I’m puzzled at that statement… did she grow up in a farm? HAHA
its THAT nice?? a washer AND dryer?? um… you need to get out more. LOTS of govt assissted housing in ghettos have washers and dryers… im still puzzled.

Does it have running hot water? THEN its a nice place…

Indoor plumbing is a nice feature too… oh memories…

I’m jealous…
its THAT nice huh?

Does he have problems with line dancing at the club?, never trust that kind of guy.
I would say that he must be a vehicle designer,you know, uninterested in women, and caring for his subaru imprezza.

maybe just a designer in general: not interested in females

easy Cleatus- go back to your appalacian mountain top shack where stereotyping and gaybashing is common conversation and leave the design talk to the professionals. Do you even get broadband up there?

I bet you do need ultra high speed to scour the Casual Encounters for M4M on craigslist to meet at your local fudge coffee shop to aid each other with self shame. Yea thats right, I said aid.

BUSH rules. In both senses of the word.

I love women!, they are those things beside the car in the motor shows, aren’t they?


Ok. so you’ve been to his house, and he has no live-in girlfreind or wife. What could he be hiding? how much time do you spend with him? if it’s a lot, it’s doubtful he has other relationships, if it’s it like once every three days, you should leave now. I totally agree with Ludwig, go pick him up, take turns. And ask him wtf!! if he bitches

Why was it a problem him having roomates, that’s what doors are for, and roomates always want to hear moning and screeming, especially if your figure is slim :smiley: well maybe not all the time.

has he ever been to your new apt ? do you guys sleep over at all ?

you could always tell him your inner environmentalist is coming out and you can’t do 2 cars anymore, you just can’t respect someone who doesn’t care about our planet :laughing:

He’s up to no good. I can see the signs, so should you. If youre attractive, you can find some else who will let you in thier back seat!

Yes, I let this guy go.

He told me that he’s not having problems and can’t understand why I am. Can’t understand. Hmm. Maybe driving in seperate cars is the problem. Yes, several guys have asked me out since then, even my ex-boyfriend from 3 years ago called me on my cell, work, and home phone wanting to get back. For now, I think I’m going to be alone for a while.

By the way, I’m not one of those girls who makes the guy pay for everything. I even offered to pay for myself on our first date. I like paying for dates with guys. It makes me feel good to offer to pay sometimes, especially if I truly like the guy. I’m not going to judge all guys based on this odd duck.

Thanks everyone.

I think you like the hunt of finding out what he is up to. Most id women i know would drop him especially if they are hot! because they they know they can get more. I think you want to have the big whammy on him when you find out
whatever it is he is hiding and make him crawl to you for help. I think you know
this man is might be trouble but because you are doing well in you carreer You FEEL you CAN TAKE A CHANCE with. Doing well gives you a option of wantiing a man not needing a man. NOTHING wrong with that in it self but look what you are doing. IF you were a woman who REALLY NEEDED A MAN you would not be on this blog ASKING US You would dropped him after the first Date.

Then Again You Might Be Bored.