Question for AutoCadets.

Having a senior moment here…

are you actively drawing something? I think it only shows the angle when there’s a line being drawn.

It came to me in a vision…

Command: COORDS

0 = no display
1 = X,Y coordinates only (default it 5 places after the decimal)
2 = length of line (default it 5 places after the decimal) while simultaneously displaying angle ( 3 places after the decimal)

Still trying to dig up how to change the “decimal” values to display; five places is a bit extreme. A little Laphroaig therapy will probably reveal the answer.

I’ll leave you to it. What ever happened with that stuff you sent to ABC? I saw a bump on that thread you sent over some samples, but did they pick any of it up?

Total tankage on that deal. Couldn’t come to terms … what they “agreed” to pay before I shipped, turned out not to be what they wanted to pay. Didn’t get the prototype back either; which was a concern before I shipped it. Hand-crafted isn’t worth much anymore it seems.

Somebody had a nice Chanukah… .

oof, sorry to hear that.