Question about Wacom Tablet!

When I have my pen on the left side I get the curser very accurate on the spot but when I move to the right of the tablet the curser moves away very drastically to almost an inch. Is this supposed to happen? Also I don’t get the whole computer screen on the tablet so when I try to calibrate I can’t get the second pen tap!

There is a setting that shrinks the active area of the tablet and makes your screen fit on a much smaller area of the tablet, it sounds like you may have that checked?

The only setting I’ve seen is the vertical and horizontal movement. Is your cursor on thetablet more accurate on the left side than the right?

No, I have it set to stretch the screen to the tablet size. It seems pretty accurate side to side. Do you know anyone else that has a tablet? Maybe try swapping it onto another computer and putting theirs on your computer… just to see if it is still messed up?

I don’t know anyone else with a Cintiq 12w. good idea though!
what type do you use?

I believe the setting Yo is talking about is only on the intuos models, I checked around and couldn’t find it in the cintiq control panel. If calibrated properly the accuracy on the left/right sides is the same for me (I’m using a Cintiq 12W as well). If I were to hit the top left target properly and be an inch off the bottom right, then as the cursor is moved across the screen it works its way up to being an inch off the edge like you described. The tablets native resolution is 1280x800 so make sure that you’re not using anything higher than that or that space is going to appear offscreen and give you the issue you’re having. If I remember right Windows lets you set the res higher and then makes the screen automatically pan so you can see everything, but that would ruin the calibration test. I think that might be whats going on?

sorry, when you said tablet, I just assumed it was an intuos. I have the 15" Cintiq, it doesn’t have that setting either… sorry man. Maybe call them up?

Thanks kdb31

it worked!