Question ABOUt stiching in Illustrator

This prob been talked about but could not find it…But i have seen some of yall’s renderings and was wondering how you get the leather part to look like its stich? Or how do you do it when you outline your design in Illus. Any info would be sweet…thanks


draw a line with the pen tool and in the stroke/ symbols menu click the dashed line box in the bottom left corner. Allows you to change the size and spacing as well.

Also, if you have a panel already in place, got to OBJECT>PATH>OFFSET PATH and choose + or - 1 or 2 mm to get a line that is perfectly offset from your current shape, then change the stroke settings to be dashed.

you can set this up in your actions palette, to do it automatically
(because you’re gonna be doing this 1 million times)
you press ‘record’ in the actions palette,
then do the offset path thing, by 2 points or whatever,
set the stitch settings,
press stop,
and everytime you want to go through the process you select the outline and click play in the actions palette and it’ll do the whole thing for you.
you can set up different ones for the different stiches you gotta do, but make sure you name them bcos you’ll forget which ones which.

this is also good for photoshop for resizing all those 100 million jpegs your going to be taking of the 200,000 samples you’ll be spec’ing.

i just wish that when you outlined teh stroke, you didn’t lose the dashes…maybe cs2 does this but 10 does not. major bummer

thanks man, use it for .jpegs and what not, but never thought to do it for stitches.

Thanks guys…about to start playing with it.