Question about rights

I have recently done some proposals (unpaid) for a French company. I met them in a fair, they said send us some proposals I you have anything that might suit the company, and so I did. These did not go anywhere in the end, but I quite like them, and I’d like to add them to my website.
I am wondering about the legality of using a company’s logo on my renders, If I state clearly that these were “proposals” to the company. Is it fair game?
I know for example that Ora Ito made a career by populating his website with unrealised proposals for big names. Any info on this?

If their logo is trademarked, you can not use it without permission.

You could ask the person for permission, but I’m assuming you did some designs then put their logo on those designs? Depending on what it’s for it may just be easier to pull their logo off, put another fake logo on (or remove it entirely) and leave that in your portfolio with no problem.

Yes, makes perfect sense, they might never find out or care, but better avoid the potential trouble…

Having worked for companies where many people use their marks on “concept” work the general policy seems to be one of acceptance that this kind of stuff is actually good for the brand. You could publish the work and if they say anything, then remove the logos.

On the opposite end of what Yo says, there are companies that with out expressed permission from them they do not allow their names to placed on any unapproved projects. And actually have search bots that look for there name to see if it is being used in a no compliant way. Phillips medical is one such company, even if you are show a product that you did for them they have you remove the Philips name many times.

Seems strange but control over how they are branded and the use of their logo is taken very seriously.