Question about ID Introduction 1 year course @ UMEA

Hi !

I’ve been reading this forum for quite a while. Very helpful indeed!

I graduated from material engineering. Like some others, I am considering a change to ID.

I myself have an interest in model building. I do it as a hobby and, sometime, a paid part time job.
During my under-grad years, I took material forming and manufacturing classes. They were however more focused on the characteristics of materials. The design was almost not considered except when it related to property of materials.
I also took some computer aid drawing courses. This is not study related, just my personal interest.

The program I am looking at is the one year course at UMEA, the ID introduction. I think thsi course offers a good start to ID.

My question;

What should really be required to be accepted into this program? What skill should I prepare?
Sketching is something I see first?
What should be in my portfolio?
How many student do they accept a year? I knew they accept 8-10 for their grad.
How competitve it is to get in?

Thank you very much for every helps.