Question about GPA

Even after one has been accepted, does he or she have to

keep up the high GPA(high school)?


do they just need to graduate?

it’s always in your best interest to keep up a high gpa. A high GPA along with good act/sat score will help you get scholarships.

I have already got scholarships.

The question is that “can I still get it even though my GPA gets low?”

Most scholarships , especially from the school, require you to keep a respectable GPA. If you go under you will probably have a semester to get it up again. There is appealing and such.

Best bet, just don’t suck.

Schools retain the right to reject you if your grades drop off in your last semester. It’s happened to people I know who have lost scholarships because they thought their papers were signed and they were gonna party for the next 6 months.

The scary thing is that you are even asking. Your work ethic is an strong part of your reputation. Build that discipline now or pay the price later.

In my college you need a CGPA of 3.0 or higher to get into the design program (starts 2nd year). GPA says a lot about a person besides just how smart they are; even the smartest person that can’t multitask well could get a lower GPA from difficulties juggling multiple assignments/classes. This is the reasoning that (at least my school) they looks at GPA before getting into certain programs after foundation year.