Question about GPA

Do the art schools in U.S. see GPA of grade 9 - 12 at once?


I’ve heard that Gr.12’s GPA is the most important,

and Gr.9’s GPA is the least important.

Which one is right?

CPGA (cumulative, meaning the average of ALL years) what’s looked at most and is important, but with a bad portfolio a perfect 4.0 GPA won’t help much getting in either

Also, you apply during the first half of your senior year, do senior year pretty much doesn’t count (maybe first quarter). I thin it is a balance though,I wouldn’t be surprised if the better the portfolio, the more the GPA can slide.

If it is an art school, then I think GPA probably matters very little unless you are on the threshold of failing every major class.

In the admissions office a C+ student with an outstanding portfolio would most likely easily jump over an A+ student with a weak portfolio. With that said if the portfolios are equal, test scores/GPA will offer more of an advantage.