question about going back to school for ID...

i have a BA in communications/TV Production and work as an audio/video technician in the dc area, however, i want to go back to school for industrial design. my question is - does anyone know of any educational opportunities for industrial design in the dc area (maryland and virginia, too)?

any info would be greatly appreciated…


I don’t know any in dc/maryland, but here are a few in the “area”

virginia tech

philadelphia u

u of arts (philly, too)

thanks, tractorgirl!

i looked at VA tech and it seems they have a consortium architecture school in northern virginia…:slight_smile:

thanks again!


Unfortunately there is not much in that area of high reputation.

Most of the schools in the East are in the North East. Mostly because this was the industrial center of the nation, and a stategic position for Industrial Design Programs (Detroit to Boston and everything in between are loaded with design schools). The west coast programs matured with the silicon value boom and the domination of Cali car culture and consumerism. Both locations still hold the most ID jobs, and getting into one of those areas might help as far as networking, getting internships, ect.

Although still a new program Virginia Tech is worth looking into. The facilities are excellent and students learn how to design (not just style products). I would not let a stylist like Yo put you off the idea of going there.

Yea, I wouldn’t take any design tips from Yo…sketching yes…design no.

It should be noted that the Southern area of the US is getting pretty big with design. I see a lot of potential in some areas of Texas and Florida- but Yo is right- the “top tier” schools are at the north east and west coasts… not that you can’t study somewhere else- ambition and personal commitment is more important than the school you attend.

Maybe you can show us what you’ve done, instead of trying to make yourself feel better by putting someone who actually gives a damn down.