question about CCS

I’ve heard that CCS’s product design program is mind-blowing, then,

Why isn’t CCS ranked on top in either undergraduate industrial(product) design or design school?

I can see how that would b disconcerting, but a few questions to look into might be:

  1. who does the rankings?
  2. what are the ranking based on?
  3. who care about a ranking if it is the right place for an individual to learn?
  4. do employers care?

I can answer 4 for you: no.

Do they actually NOT care about schools’ popularity??

no, actually not really.

Recruiters in the business are not looking at rankings. They have their own well informed picture of the different schools. At least they should. Also, the proof is in the portfolio, not in a ranking system.

Popularity is rather a symptom of a successful program. Sometimes constructed through marketing and sometimes hard earned through great faculty and dedicated students. To find out which applies to what school, you have to do some digging yourself.

What I would say however, is that the connections you make during your time at school are invaluable. With other students but also with guest critics and faculty. Suddenly you will get the chance to do internships, gather rec letters or get a job offer without you even applying for it because somebody important sat in on one of your presentations. Happened to me.

A solid portfolio from the lowest ranking program is better than weak portfolio from a well known program. I’ve never seen any rankings for programs either. In the end it’s up to the student’s personal goals that makes their education, sure program structure helps but in reality no program can give students everything they need in the real world either.

Trust me CCS doesn’t care, they have enough history that they don’t care what others think. Granted they’re an institution that needs students to survive, but there really isn’t a ranking or system that can honestly rank which school is better than the others.

As others have stated it’s up to the individual. When I taught at Wayne State (across campus from CCS) for an intro to Vis Com class I was blown away by some of the talent, hell some of them were better than I was. It all comes down to your work. Granted when CCS is on a resume pop more than soem others but at the end of the day it is your work that is getting you in the door.