ques for uc co-op students

i am interested in the industrial design program at uc, but i am still confused as to how this required co-op works. Does the school send out samples of your work to various firms or is it mostly an individual responsibilty in which you make websites/digital portfolios for employers… just curious. thank you for your time.

I’m not a current student, but am a graduate. In order to graduate, and obtain a degree from the university, you must complete 6 (I think) co-op quarters. Each program within the university has their own separate co-op program, with their own co-op advisor. The co-op advisor works with the companies and finds out who hiring, what level, etc… At the beginning of each quarter, there’s a list published of available openings. From that point forward, it’s all up to you. You contact the employer, you set up an interview, you send them samples, etc.

You’re also free to find your own co-ops, outside of what is available on the list mentioned above.

Hope this helps!

i am a current student at uc

the process is super easy, you set up a digital portfolio in pdf format then the propractice advisor puts it online. you give him a list of places you would like to work and he sends the link to your portolio to the contacts at those companies.

it is super easy to get placed as well, you could be a blind monkey and still get a job, ive seen it happen

i am a total supporter of the coop program, i am in my last year and am currently working for a dope firm in san fran (they just did the new xbox).
coop has taken me all over the country and loaded my portfolio with real work, i have over 7 products that will be in production by my graduation!

i hope all works out for you, if you want to know more ill be here to answer any questions