Quark color output problems

We’re using Quark 6.0 and getting terrible output. Color images - both graphs created in Powerpoint and photos scanned in Photoshop are “wash out” or “low resolution looking”.

We’ve downed PPD’s from the web. We’ve enabled Color Management.
Document converted to pdf prints better. ???

We’re looking for any and all suggestions.

You should talk to your printer. He/She should be able to help you with this.

… unless you are pinting on a ink jet. That would explain things.

1 more thing. Are your images converted to CMYK. If they are RGB that could be the problem.

Is the printer you are printing to a postscript printer? You’ll have issues with printing from Quark to non-postscript inkjet printers. Looks pixelated and lo-res. You may need to buy the postscript for the printer if I am correct.