Qualcomm's CES Keynote?

OK…was the CES Keynote by Qualcomm as messed up as The Verge makes it sound?

I don’t know what’s more awesome, that this circus act was compiled to appeal to the youngest generation by boomers who should exit stage left or that the Verge article was written by an apparent member of GenX who nailed it. Watch the clips.

The Verge rocks.

Based purely on the Verge’s supercut of the keynote, it actually seems pretty funny… in a british humor that most American’s can’t stand kind of way. It’s almost like watching a trailer for “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.”

Edit: I meant also the apparent GenX type tweets and comments cited in the article in addition.

If I find time I will probably go back and see if I can find the entire keynote and watch it, but that aside it seemed like really scatter-brained content, some a bit of a stretch. The whole “born mobile” theme and the caricatures of that generation really came off as pandering and patronizing. Pardon the expression, but it made a whole generation look like annoying douchebags…

Here is a link to the keynote. Skip to 2:50 to begin the hilarity. :laughing: Sorry it isn’t embedded.