Q: When is it too soon to reapply?

If I applied for a job for a certain company but didn’t get it assuming due to a weak portfolio, when is it too soon to try again for that same company? And is this looked as a positive or negative thing by companies?

Did you hear back as to why you didn’t get it? Is it for the same position (as in, have they posted a new job listing)? Have you improved/changed your portfolio since the last time?


If you have a totally new portfolio I’d say go for it. If not, you are destined to be in the same spot unless you are hoping their standards have changed which would be weird.

Is it ok to ask why you didnt get it?

@yo, iab
yea, I assumed new work is a requirement. Your right, it wouldnt make sense to submit the same thing again.

How much time has actually passed since you applied? If you didn’t get picked for an interview it is probably due to a combination of experience or skills along with your portfolio.

Even if you improve your portfolio, if you don’t have the skill set or experience they are looking for, then reapplying even a year later isn’t going to help your cause. Especially if they are filtering this through an HR person rather than the ID team directly.