Q: packaging designers and toy designers

Hello! My name is Michael and I created this thread to talk to the packaging and toy designers out there because I’m at a crossroads between the two and I want to make an informed decision. Basically, I want to know what you do and also what kind of person you are. What kind of person do you think it takes? How much freedom do you have to create? How much are you involved in the ideation? Do you get the satisfaction of seeing something produced that was your idea (as opposed to making other people’s ideas)? Do you feel like you’re making cool toys or cool packaging or simply making a product?

I’ve heard of this powerful tool called Google, and I’ve even used it a few times, but I don’t think I could ever know what it’s like without talking to someone that actually does it–call me old fashioned :wink: I’ve actually made the mistake in the past of heading off in a direction without really knowing what a particular professional does and what kind of person does it. I really feel like there is no substitution for first-hand interaction, but I don’t have access to either packaging or toy designers.

Here’s a blurb about me so you know where I’m coming from: I looking to commit to a design degree program. I have a background in sculpting small, multi-part, static figures for game companies; CAD modelling and RPing; casting; and some studio training traditional/figurative art. As the sculptor, I feel like I’ve been at the very end of the design chain and just copy the 2d to 3d with little to no input. I think I’ve gone as far as I can go with sculpting figures and I’d really like to look more at the big picture. I’ve been paid to make other people’s ideas, but I’d like to be paid for my ideas (then make some other poor schmuck make it! :wink: Dream job: making GI Joe! 2nd place: making packages for GI Joe!

And if you’re in the Southern Oregon or Central Valley (CA) areas, I’ll buy you lunch (includes 4 drink max!) for 45 minutes of “talkin’ shop” Hehe. However, if you can’t make it, any info you can post here will more than suffice.

Take care!

My first question is what do you want to do? Why packaging? Why Toys? What is it that drives you to these careers?

Both can be rewarding careers if it is what you want.


Hey Justin, fair question. I was trying to avoid talking about myself because I want to know about YOU, but I guess it’s really all about me anyway :wink:

-I love to create and I love working creative people.
-I love working in 3d space. I enjoy drawing, painting, and other 2d arts, but when you can touch it is when it feels really real.
-I love products. By this I mean, I love widely available/reproduced stuff. I consider myself an artist, but I like to make stuff FOR people and not just my own personal expression. I want LOTS of people to enjoy my stuff.
-I love toys and games. I’m a kid. I love sci-fi and fantasy and all kinds of crazy, awesome concepts.
-I love the big picture of toys and games. I’m not just interested in cool toys and games, but how we develop, market, and package them.
-I want to do everything! I want to develop the game, design the pieces, design the board, design the packaging, and hand deliver each one. Since this is absurdly unrealistic, I have to pick just one.

Most of all, it’s about the people. I’ve been a professional admin dude for years and I’ve realized that I spend more time with coworkers than friends and family, so I want to be in a fun, energetic environment.

Hope that helps. But feel free to talk about anything, not just what you think would relate to me.