Q about industrial designers responsobilities

Hello, this coincidentally my first post, so hope we can all get well together.

Anyways, I’d like some help to clarify what are the responsobilities of industrial designer in creating a new product.

Abit more context:
I’m myself am an interaction designer that specialises in animation. I also do illustrations and 3d (i won’t even mention that ocasionally i have to do both print and graphic designer duties, so I’m kinda jack of all trades master of none…er).

So the company I’m working at does robots and I mainly do 3d models. But ocassionally i have to do some invention and customising to the robot.
Sofar it was all fine and dandy since that was more in the lines of concepts/ future visions etc, but currently I keep getting more and more request to adjust something that actually has to be doable/functional/working product. Would be ok if it was something simple or at least something that was already existing, but since this robot is kinda new thing and there isn’t anything to work of i have do everything myself.

So the question is: do industrial/product designers (tbh not truly sure which is more fitting description) actually have to design electronic, mechanic part too or is that some sort of engineers job?

Every “industrial/product designer” I know that has taken on “engineering” duties.

It is a part of the NPD process. Industrial/product designers are also capable of market intelligence, design controls and everything between. I can’t imagine why an industrial/product designer would not want the experience.

Theres always crossover. You work as part of a team to create solutions to things. Not every designer will specialize in mechanical or electrical design, but it’s pretty frequent that you will have to sit with the ME and say “no this part should look like this” and start sketching through details like draft, cross sections, wall thicknesses etc.

If they are asking you to work more on something that can turn into a product, either step into the responsibility (they clearly seem to think you are capable) or say “I’m sorry boss I can’t handle this, but I think we should hire an Industrial Designer who can specialize in this area”.