PVC Clam/blister replacement..... Ideas?

I am researching possible replacement materials for traditional PVC clam packaging. My last design reduced 70% of the PVC for our product by giving it a cardboard backing and reducing the footprint. This seems very popular at Target and Wal-Mart these days.

However, I want to take all PVC out (without Marketing freaking out). Packaging is not my forte, but I want to learn more.

  1. Does anyone know if boxes will become a growing trend to replace clam and blister packaging? If not, what will?

  2. Where can I find good examples of innovative box packaging exposing the product for the potential user to view?

  3. Are there any good examples of molded pulp packaging? Is pulp packging an alternative?

Any answers, or direction is appreciated.

  1. Sorry, I have no idea for consumer packaging. For medical, we are getting more push back from our customers for green solutions than any other time.

  2. They haven’t had a new one for some time, but I still like the Graphis series, Amazon.com : graphis packaging

  3. Sorry again, I have no idea.

Are you intereseted in eliminatating all plastic or just PVC? Nothing thermoforms like PVC but PETG comes in a close 2nd. Much less toxic to produce and recycle/dispose. The carpet companies love the clear stuff to recycle and if incinerated it doesn’t produce the dioxin like PVC. We run PETG on one of our form-fill-seal machines - it draws very well, maintains wall thickness and I think it is a better barrier than PVC.

Watch the film,” blue vinyl" it’s about PVC.

Also claim shell packaging causes thousand of er visits every year. If I am buying something and I can get it without the clam shell, I go the easy route.

I feel that minimal packaging will be what is going to take over. Or you could try and use PET.