Puzzle Furniture

Puzzle Furniture was my final year project. I wanted to justify puzzle factor as furnitures multifuctionality and I spend 6 months on research and 4 months on development all done by myself to achieve a fuctional fully working furniture with traditional construction method of my region.

Nice work.

Is there any way to have the 2 pieces attached at a 90 degree angle? It then can serve as a chair.

Not so sure about having all those bits that fit together, but integrating rope work like that is really cool. Could you make it collapsible so it could be flat packed? Simplify this a bit and you’ve got the foundation of a very good chair.


The intensive use of machines and breaking up of the production of goods into specialised factory areas conducts fragmentation of the design and fabrication activities. This separates design from production.

The skilled artisan no longer creates or design the product as a craftsman.

“It is not this or that tangible steel or brass machine which we want to get rid of, but the great intangible machine of commercial tyranny which oppresses the lives of us all.”

“it is eyeless vulgarity which has destroyed art, the one certain solace of labour.” William Morris 1861

some development sketches!