putting portfolio for grad school together

i have a VERY varried background in different facets of art/design. I am trying to put my portfolio together, but it looks a fright. i’ve got web, print, photo, furniture sketches, product sketches (the former items being a few years old). I’ve finally decided to go back to school for ID and really want to show I CAN DESIGN, but without looking like “I can’t get my act together, so this is the next thing”.

ANY IDEAS? I’m trying to make this as cohesive as possible. I know process is important, so I have as many sketches as I could find.

Also, I am afraid to make the porfolio itself too “over the top”, and let the work itself show through. is this a good idea?


Personally I think that as a potential student, your varried work would be attractive to a schools admission’s team.

I’m with you, keep it simple, but perhaps there is a way that the format and layout could lend lend some unity and continuity.

thanks yo.

yeah, i’ve been working on the format. trying to sit web next to sketch of car doesn’t relate too well…

but i suppose it is necessary to show design ability in different facets/ potential of design in comercial world.