pushing blocks

So I’m interested in what you guys do when you come up against creative blocks. Do you juggle oranges, run naked through the trees or cry into your beer? (or perhaps something I haven’t tried yet?)[/b]

i haven’t experienced it yet but if i do i’ll let you know what i did to unblock my creativity.

i think you should concentrate on boosting your potential creative prowess. and the only way to do it right is to have better powers of observation and a sound and comfortable database to work with. a successful designer is the one who can train himself independently. it takes a lot of courage and self determination. you have to break away from what ties you to the ground.

most of the things that block your creativity are most often outside your nature. things that circulate in your mind after normal encounters. they bundle up and eventually block your sight. the best way to overcome this problem is to unload them. most of it is bogus gloss anyway.

you also have to work with people or clients that have the possibilty to provide you with the correct environment and communication. if you need to activate yourself as a creative designer that in itself is a block. it has to be flowing through otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money it will also lead to a weak end result.

Step back, start over, but the most helpful thing for me is to talk with someone about it, get a dialogue going and almost always this helps move beyond ‘blocks’ if that’s what you want to call them.

i’ll have to agree with grimble…if you’re stuck on something, just ask someone for their opinion. they may give you some ideas you may have had already but what’s more important is that they’re giving you feedback from a perspective that was not your own. modify their comments and you’re on a new track.

as an example, have you ever wondered what spock was always looking at through his viewport?

for even more dramatic results, ask someone who knows absolutely nothing about what you’re doing or someone who is 3 years old. sometimes when you have to educate someone about your process, you can enlighten yourself to some new direction. so, like ufo in this respect, you have to be observant.

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I think its called alcohol

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