Pursuit bike concept

Not my work. But I like it and I thought I should share.

The designer is Erik Nohlin. More of his work is here, Behance

Cinelli first devloped the Laser in 1980. It was very advanced with its aerodynamics at the time and has won the Compasso d’Oro, 28 gold medals at the Olympics and Worldchampionships. Rumor is they are going to have a new design of it. It seems like Erik has gotten the ball rolling.

Not to take potshots here, but what has Erik really done here? It’s nothing but a mildly updated rendering of the original with the details deliberately left unresolved (and a cartoonishly exaggerated saddle-stem drop). No rear dropouts. No headset/stem interface. No saddle/ISP attachment or adjustment mechanism. It’s like I’ve heard architects say: every building looks better as a rendering.

Without details, it’s really hard to gauge how well this would work in person…


mbC: DId you check out the link? It’s a lot more interesting than these two renders. There are some nice sketches exploring the frame. I have no idea how they would perform, but they are interesting.

As for the renders, I’d like to see some exploration of the details. It looks like only the frame has been developed here.


I did… The Look concept is a bit more developed, details-wise, but there is a lot that is left undecided about the Cinelli. How would the steering work with the frame fairing ~180 degrees of the stem (when viewed normal to the steering axis). How would the wheels be mounted, fastened, removed? Maybe I’m asking too much- they are very nice renderings that convey a feeling of speed and the simple elegance that makes track bikes so appealing.


i think the interesting work is in the headtube/headset/handlebar area…the Cinelli frame looks like a nice update–but nothing new really, and the Look’s top tube looks like one of the worst ideas (in terms of function) i’ve seen for what should be a very stiff frame all around.

that said, beautiful sketch/render presentation.

With that I disagree. While the drop is at a maximum, it certainly is within the realm of pusuit bike geometries.

But, what is really wrong is the bottom bracket. It is either way too high or the chain stays are coming in below it. Either way, things are not aligning in the drive train.

I still think it is a feasible and well executed update for a company very steeped in tradition.

The seat to stem drop makes sense on “funny bikes” like the original, with a 26 or so inch front wheel.

I like the color. That’s about it.