Pursuing ID

Hi, I’m from the Montreal area and thinking of getting into ID, though I’m not even out of highschool yet. But I’d like people’s opinion on something;

Does a masters ID get someone that much farther than someone without (with the fact that if I couldn’t manage freelance, then I would probably eventually pursue a managerial position taken into account)?

-Currently I have three main options to consider.
Emily Carr
Three year University preparatory program at Dawson College

Also, general opinions on career paths in ID would be appreciated
Thanks in advance.

Masters in Id… pretty much useless.

It’s more a “technical” career… you got skills and vision, you’re set.

unless you want to dig deep into the core and celestial meaning behind DESIGN and how it affects the homo sapien psyche throghout the ages, then get a master’s… then research 24/7 well into the night by a lone flickering lightbulb and get perked at being invited as a avantgarde speaker and representative of the Design world at fluffy gatherings. But you must wear a white robe at all public appearances.

Seriously, in terms of “that much farther” and all, it definitely isnt no MBA.


did you go to a Graduate program in Design? or is this what you hear about it? I am in a dilemma as well. I want to pursue a career in ID, but am already basically finished with my major now…so i thought about going for the masters…what do you think? the masters won’t help at all?