Pursuing GD career. Foster care and Fine aid?

Hey everyone. My names Mark, I’m 17 and love making graphics on my computer. It’s my dream to get into a very good GD school after HS. A couple that I am interested in are RISD, MICA, Pratt, CMU and CIA since I’m from Cleveland. Anyways I have absolutely no way of paying for these however I do believe I am talented enough to get into any of them. I already know how to use the entire adobe suite I’ve made my own websites and tons of other graphic work, however I’m not great at drawing I’ll need to take some classes my senior year. Well the main reason I came here was to ask about financial aid for foster children. about 5-6 years of my life have been in foster care, I don’t know my father, my mom was addicted to drugs my entire life and ended up getting thrown into jail. Now I’m staying with my Aunt and Uncle (they didnt adopt me I’m still in the system) however they are only 26 and don’t have any money for me to go to college and I have no money saved up. I just want the chance like other kids who have grown up in normal situations to go to a great college without tons of debt. Anyways my GPA isn’t that great due to not being in a stable home and missing tons of school. My CUM is 3.0 however since I’ve moved in with my Uncle its a 3.6 and I haven’t missed one day. Next year itll go up to a 3.8. I believe I can get a 28+ on the ACT as well.

What do you think my chances are guys? and I also sent an email to those schools just kind of explaining all of this, do you think that was smart?