pure rectangular

hi, is there any product/products that owe their ‘visual purity’ to its rectangular form? like the i pod… I need to look into the expresion of purity through rectangular forms.

apple g4 cube

I remember reading that Jobs insisted that the NeXT be perfectly rectilinear, requiring all sorts of manufacturing umm innovations since most products have a slight draft in order to get them out of the mold?

(a thousand pardons for any misuse of terminology there; not my specialty)

is this a class project?

Try the monolith in 2001. I’d call that a design.

scion xb and the hummer come pretty close i’d say

Do you smoke cigarettes?

While individually they are cylindrical, they come packed in a rectangular form.

Both forms identify cigarettes.

IMHO, they (cigarettes, not rectangles) should be illegal.

Flat plasma television.

People pay big bucks for that ratio.

The 16:9 (widescreen) is functional, but the depth to width (thinness) typically isn’t when you consider the deep components it must be hooked up to, or the stand or table they typically end up sitting on.

But there’s something visceral about it that attracts the market.
For rectilinear purity, look at the stuff B&O is doing.

And remember this great tablet concept from IBM, circa 1995? Never productized, but brilliant in the way that it disguised its thickness.

I don’t know that I’d consider the iPod an example of “rectangular purity” It’s main element is a circle, and I’m sure it would have a different shape if circuit boards, displays and hard drives weren’t rectangular (or, at least cheaper to produce in rectangular shapes).

thanx all u guys for that overwhelming response. I am designing a water purifier that shall be a sort of informative art installation, that would enhance the visual value of a Reverse Osmosis process of water filtration.The product shall finally be placed in a shopping mall environment.What I was think was, rather what I am interested in , as a designer is, how far from the visual semantics of ‘water purifier’ can I stretch my product. Nearly all the dispensers that are available on net have shapes that are far from being rectangular. The product of mine must fulfil one condition :it must somehow communicate that the water it is serving is pure. I am thinking, besides other things,to achieve purity in the form of rectangle. Pleaselet me know if it is okay to cross cut the semantics of a water purifier like that.! I guess breakthrough product forms are created like this only but still, am a still doubt ful in mind. Thanx Guest and Phoomp,cg and stevep for their valuable inputs.