Purchasing the Metron 290

Among the latest IDEA award winners was the Metron 290 (http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/07/0729_IDEA_awards_commercial/6.htm, a core 77 fave International Design Excellence Awards: Our fave Bronze winners - Core77), “a collection of seven design tools that help designers measure or analyze particular product design elements, such as checking embossments or patterns.” My first thought was “I want one,” but I can’t find where they might be available for sale.

I found a longer description at the bottom of this page: Designers Party : which gave me individual part numbers. However, it seems I’ll need to learn Korean to get much farther, since google only came up with Korean websites (it was done by Koreans).

¾ÆÀ̵ð¾î+µðÀÚÀÎ : ³×À̹ö Ä«Æä great pics of one of the tools, can’t get a web translator to work to figure out what else is there.

http://community.buyking.com/forum/PowerDesign?search=title&query=metron&x=0&y=0 might be just pics, maybe more, but it seems I need to login.

So does anyone else know where to get a set of these?