Purchasing Art Supplies Online?

Is there a good place for purchasing art supplies online that ships internationally (e.g. to Canada)?

I am looking specifically for prismacolor pencils and bristol board.

I’ve started ordering from Dickblick in the states and ship to Sweden. They had everything i needed like prismas and chartpaks.

I can only praise their service.

Disclaimer: Everything seems cheap compared to euro-prices.

I second the Dick Blick suggestion. I’ve had great luck ordering from them in the past

I know you are asking about online stores but have you tried going to Michaels? They sell prismas and bristol board and usually have 40% off sales (make your own sale, one item) which would be beneficial if you buy a set of pencils but not if you buy in single pieces. I believe the most current flyer has a 40% off coupon but I’m not sure if they co-ordinate these nationally.

Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t even consider Michael’s. Thanks for that, considering there is one 5 mins from my house.

I will also check out Dick Blicks…

The next thing is to start saving for a 21" Cintiq!

No problem. Hope they have what you’re looking for!