Purchasing a new Tablet PC...which software?

I am purchasing a new Tablet PC to be used as my digital sketchbook. I am currently using photoshop and my Wacom, however I am interested in information pertaining to Sketchbook Pro and Painter.

Has anyone used either of these two programs on say the motion computing tablets? I have a meeting with a rep week after christmas to demo the tablet, and would like the rep to bring both programs to try.

What are your thoughts on the two programs?

I just got a new tablet - Toshiba m200 - last week. I got SBP right away and have been using it ever since. It is really short on features, so you would need to use it in tandem with another app like PS. But the pen tools are great - nicer than I’ve been able to get in PS. But if you want to add text or scale a portion of your sketch, then you need to go to PS.

Hopefully, SBP will add these features in future versions.