Punch Me!!

Im looking for a material which you can puncture through by kicking it or punching it, but not breaking the whole material, just leaving a siloette of the fist/foot that has broken through it.
Ive tried tracing paper and other forms of paper, but it seems to just tear the whole sheet into half when ever I punch through it.
By the way it’s for a project I’m currently doing…its a social thing.

ask warner brothers, whatever they use for wiley coyote.

moistened rice paper. for the michael dudikoff types in training.

The problem with paper is that it’s composed of fibers. These fibers interconnect and makes a larger area interact with stress at a single point.
Instead, try experimenting with sheets of something that’s granular, not bound by a polymer and preferably a very low tensile strenght (tears/rips as soon as you pull)
Sandy yellow foam, in a very thin ‘sheet’ could do the trick, maybe.

But most materials won’t leave a perfect silhouette of a foot/fist.
It’ll be a hole in that size, most likely, but not shape.

Maybe a thin foil would work?

The best material to leave a print easily is the foam that florists use.

I’m with Molested on this one. That foam is really brittle, and totally full of air, so it just mushes without taking any of the surrounding area with it.

If you need a resetable surface(and money isn’t too much if a concern), you might try those toys with a bunch of dull pins sticking through a couple sheets of plastic. I tried for about 10 minutes to find a link online, but I couldn’t remember any brand name. They sell them at most specialty toy stores. They’re a little pricey though – maybe 10-20 bucks for a 6x6 board.

Unless you need to do this trick over and over again, I’d go with the florist’s foam.