Pumpkin Design

OK, 'tis that time of year…let’s see what you designers can do to a pumpkin!

You think your Creative Director is a Tyrant?!? Try a 3 year old!

Nice work IP,

Your client is more demanding than mine.

we had a bit of fun with the paint and glitter though

or make you own…the non messy way, still got to buy me pumpkin!!

burnsie :open_mouth:

maj029, nice link! It can be a little addictive though.

If you aren’t familiar with ZeFrank, you should be…check out today’s video and watch to the end. There are some killer pumpkins in there.

meant to do this a lot sooner… just didn’t download the pics from my cam: this was a shot from Halloween night, no photoshopping…

Here’s another late-comer sent to me by a friend.

No artist credited.

Too bad … remarkable if you ask me…

that’s weeeeeeell cool :sunglasses:

but gonna have to be disqualified…! It aint a pumpkin… :laughing:

burnsie :open_mouth: