Does anybody from Puma browse this forum or know somebody who designs there currently? If someone can PM me an email addy, that would be awesome!


yes… but, what’s the reason? Are you looking for a design job? I could have someone look @ your portfolio if it’s online.

this is just more a general question…
Do big companies such as Puma or Desiel always willing to look at someone’s portfolio even if they arn’t looking for designer with the idea in mind that if they see something they like, they might “make room” for extra talent? Im sure your more likely to get hired if they are actually looking for a new designer, but it seems like those type of designers are major firms stay at those companies for a long time. I have a friend that works for hush puppy and before he got hired the same guy was pretty much the only mens footwear designer for almost 10 years.

i work for Puma and am constantly on the boards checking out talent, after all its how i got started in the BIZ…

Concerning the question would we still look at folios if we werent recruiting, the answer is of course, maybe if theres not a position open at that time its always good to know any talented designers for when the position does open up…

Hey Tom,

I sent you a PM, did you get it?