Puma Speadmaster

Intended to accompany the Omega Seamaster, the Puma Speadmaster aims at a fusion of styling and technology.
The Speadmaster uses HeliumCells for cushioning, a mesh bootie to hug the foot, carbon fiber support system, and a heel wraparound strap for foot lockdown, aiming to capture the essence of speedy getaways and stealthy spywork of the double oh seven.
The shoe’s styling was inspired by 1) fast running 2) bond’s slick hair 3) layers in tuxedoes.

In true Bond style, the spymaster exclusive edition of the shoe has the forefoot perfs revealing LED lights to provide soft lighting to guide in fast escapes. and the helium cells mean the shoe doubles as a small explosive device in tight situations.

speadmaster? what is spead?

looks like a bit to busy, a tux has quite simple lines.

Hey nice model,i like it.

I agree that is a liitle bit busy,maybe because the background in black and the model in grey,it´s a little bit difficult for my eyes observe th whole model.

the shoe is a fotocopy right? i can apreciate the white line in the instep,you could reduce the darkness.

and the proportions are nice

actually the proportions are way off especially in the collar line. Its very difficult to pick out any of the shoes in the 2nd image.

People, goto zappos, find a similar shoe, print out the views, trace directly over it. Stop putting time into background images…make sure your logos are EXACT. and think about WHY you are designing what you are designing.

Good luck

if he is designing a Lycra instep the collar line is nice

D2Lo is Yo

You are getting much better. You are much closer that where you started with the nanoglide concept (that finished up well, it just took you awhile)

1_ you used the proportion from the lifestyle shoe template, not the running shoe.
2_ look at your heel. Your outsole/midsole is a good 10-15 mm in from the heel of the shoe compared with the template…


Good luck in the competition.

thanks yo… will look at it with the running shoe template… i dont think i made it for the finalists though…

This has kind of been on my mind today. I went to a footy (soccer) shop today and was looking at the new adidas

and puma

boots. they seem to almost have a lifestyle profile with the slightly upturned, squared toe. is this kind of a trend with all the sporty/casual lifestyle shoes that are out there, or is it a practical design issue. I know that running shoes normally have a bit more in the heel (with the cushion and all) but the profile seems somewhat viable.

NOTE: i am not in the shoe design industry, just like footy and looking at boots.