Puma Q

Hello all,

I am writing an article about PUMA. As the company arguably reaches brand saturation, more of a focus is placed on limited editions, high-end fashion, and strategic affluent brand alliances like with Ferrari etc. Do you think that this strategy will help PUMA maintain its grip on the proverbial early adopter’s pulse?

Also, does anyone know anyone that has several pairs of Pumas and would be inclined to shop at specialty PUMA stores?

Thanks for your help!




I am a big Puma fan. I love what they have done with their products. However, I don’t see it being big in America. Not many people can appreciate how they have changed the way people see the sport fashion aesthetic. Or how they have totally broken the mold on what a shoe could be. Only in fashion forward places like Europe will it succeed. The majority of the US it too conservative to have it as a success. Case in point, the Adidas original business is huge. Yes its a boutique specialty store but look at what they are selling, old stuff.

On a side note, Puma has a big problem with making working, comfortable shoes. They look great but fail completely as a utilitarian product. I have a pair I got from Europe that has a negative heel. The instep caves in and prevents people from walking upright. But they are beautiful. Its a trade off.

i have six pairs of pumas.

i would get more but they dont usually have my sizes. agreed, they are not tht comfortable-but i really like how they are being experimental.


First of all - how long has europe and asia been bitting the USA urban footwear style?

As for PUMA - its done well with the boutique thing, it hires the best designers in the US, dont know about Europe offices

Its performance shoes pretty much suck - i dont know anyone who runs, plays ball, a little bit of tennis, in those shoes.

What does that leave them, the designer market where honestly everyone wants the same type of sneaker (some form of the asic onitsuka – which in revival over the last 5 years has made asic the #1 athletic co. in japan) but doesnt want the same shoe.

So puma will continue to pump out experimental shoes to stay edgy and give the youth their unique shoe, which is a good business strategy for a small player to get by.

BTW Phillip Stark shoe, what the f is that?

ps ; i like the puma specialy stores – for the clothes

I am a Puma fan.
My shoe design teacher was Puma designer who gave so much inspiration to the class.
I like their experimental color fields, fun, child like designs and meterial combinations.
But I must say they have poor fabrics, performance and ergonomics.
I am just keep buying them because they look nice and cheap.
I also like them because they look unusual in shapes and colors because I like things different.

However, they should hire one or two special ergonomists.
My shoes are bad for walking, jumping or running even though they made for walking.
People don’t wear walking shoes for just to walk. Some times they do run, hop or just stand still for certain time frame. I think they must study more of user research. I think Nike does the best user research for such studies.

I go to Puma store to buy the shoes. One thing I notice lately is …there are more older people *over 30 yrs old line up to buy their shoes at the store. Maybe they are the late adapters from NYC.