Puma: Gamebreak

ok guys here is my submission for the march kicksguide march madness competiton. It was a little rushed (day and a half) but i think it has some potential, so it is still a work in progress. I would love to hear any feed back that you might have and I will keep you updated on the progress.

This years March madness is brought to you by the Puma: Gamebreak. The supportive court shoe for when you are in the tournament and comfortable slide sandal for watching at home once you are out.


I’m no expert designer or anything, but I would have one comment. The idea and thought you put behind the shoe is good, but I think you need to adapt your design to your idea. ( Sorry if it’s unclear :frowning: ) anyways, I think there seems to be too much of a separation between the upper and the forefoot. The design should flow together and not appear like 2 different parts glued together.
I hope I’m clear. My English isn’t very good :blush:
hope this helps

thanks ill keep working on it and post the revisions

Been thinking about this one. Great start crewkid. Your layout explains your concept well. It would be awesome if there where different socks for different needs. Like a low sock for players like Mike Bibbey who only wear lows. An extra high sock with an integrated ankle brace for guys like Melo who like a lot of lock down, and then your traditional midcut one. I think it would also be good if there was a mechanical way to lock the midfoot into the chassis like you have done in the heel.

I think if you smoothed out the proportions and integrated the design you would have a very competitive entry. The key I think will be to always make it look like a whole shoe whether it is together or not. I’ve redlined your sketch a little so you could see one way to do it. I’m sure you can come up with better. I just wanted to throw some proportions down and make the lines flow over the foot form a bit more. I also wrapped the rubber up in the forefoot which a lot of guys like for toe drag. You really only need it on the medial side though.

Again great start. Can’t wait to see where you take it!

thanks yo thats a huge help
I should have something more later this week

No problem.

I think Brembofan had some good input about making it look more holistic and integrated. Also, a few stitch lines will really make it look more like a piece of footwear.

As a former Puma designer i think you should know they take the proportion of the formstripe pretty seriously. I can always tell on the corefolios when someone has a puma concept but they have never worked for puma by the inaccurate formstripe. Go on zappos and get a good lateral view of a puma shoe you like and copy it. FYI there are several differently shaped formstripes, i would probably look at what is on the red planet shoe as a start, the one you drew is off but still more old school

Sorry I muffed the form strip up. I figured they where particular about it, but there does seem to be variations. Are different versions used on different types of product?

We are hella picky about the swoosh and especially the Jumpman, I can relate.

There are different versions but i havent worked there in 2 years so i cant tell ya what is current with which categories. They are definetly a few different ones but its easy to spot the ones that are just plain wrong