Puma El Rey

I just friggin’ love these, that’s all:



I was just remarking to my business partner the other day how much I hate them, especially from a womans’ p.o.v. They’re so ugly. :laughing:

We beg to differ.

Yeah, I was hoping to get the all white pair of the Puma Store, but they don’t have my size. I hope they get some more shipments and what not. Looks like a great summer shoe.

got to say this is a no for me too

and its not because there really bad but they’re just too much like the Vans classic slip on. The second I saw them that’s all I could think of…

for me they’re not a massive leap

I like Vans, they are a classic, but I don’t like these, because the plastic bit doesn’t really go with anything. I stopped buying designery concept shoes just for this reason. They don’t go with anything, so they sit in the cupboard.

even thought the design is nothing new i think they’re interesting for the materials they used…still nothing new but good overall combinations.

Not my style but I respect the fact that Puma ALWAYS tries to push the envelope.

not really a leap…not bad looking but not a leap and really…i was hoping the plastic would velcro…that would make it cool…otherwise…eh!

shoenista - i think that’s what I was trying to say - if I wanted a pair of trainers like this I’d select Vans classic, the Puma’s aren’t doing it for me…but got to agree with Jay Carter - Puma seem fearless about their designs - good on them