puler -- water purifier and cooler

hai all,

i am doing my diploma project and my sponser wanted me to work on

“a counter top water cooler and purifer, whcih could work on either running water supply or bottled water”

the posted images of the finalised concept… wouldlike to have your feed back on form and overall project.

my inspiration for this form is to break away from the steriotype cuboid form, and a free flowing contours of a water drop.

awaiting your feed back



i tried a lot but failed to link the photos using the

A couple of suggestions when presenting regional products to a global audience

explain the concept of a water purifier and why it’s needed in a sentence or two, setting the context for the design criteria by which to evaluate the design

and change the name. puler won’t work in global english - to pule means to cry

thanks infini

the name of the rpoduct is not the final one i thought that posting any work with out name won’t be nice so just in the last minute i used this word. i will change it.

and about the need of a purifier in India, almost 80 percent of illness are caused by water and the municipality purification methods are no fool proof so a purifer at home is a better solution. and will suite indian conditions where the source of water is not 100% trusted unless its botteld water.

the product will be marketed as a whitegoods product. and i can be used at home and small office. (because of the dispencing capacity)

95% of the users voted for blue as their preferd color in the inital user study.

the form is an abstract of water bouncing drop. just wanted to show some movement.

the pics posted are not the final designs, all the corners have radiai, they are not sharp as they appear in the pics.

hope this will help to judge my work

awaiting your comments.

The product it self is worthy of a diploma project, provided you have done the materials, user, market, and usability studies to back up your final solution.

How ever the overall form of the unit is very basic, and static, almost as you had to over simply the design due to the modeling software. (Which by the way is no excuse.) You say that you wanted to capture the motion of water bouncing, yet it still looks like a arch footed blue box. I know there is a volume of water and components that you need to fit into the envelope, however I do believe that with some dedicated styling refinement you can accomplish the “fluid” motion that you say you are shooting for. No amount of radius, even a very fancy variable radius fillet will do the trick.

Unless you are restricted to sheet metal or sheet plastic manufacturing technologies, I would move toward a more organic/ dynamic form and detailing. This will make the environment of use much softer and more inviting to the user, and make it feel less “Sterile” (as in hospital or institutional).

Agreed. I would fail this design unless I saw compelling research that led to this solution. You must make it useful, usable and desireable to your target user.

thanks a lot for your valuble feedback.
i will soon update with pictures of the final detailed product.