Public vs. Art School

Hey everyone. I’ll be graduating from the university of Florida in the spring with a bachelor’s in business (marketing), but my real passion is design.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on grad schools and programs and have found that the most prestigious ones are expensive art schools like Pratt, RISD, etc. Are there any public or poor-man’s programs that are still seen as prestigious or at least competitive? I’ve seen most schools offer special extended programs for non-design background students.

Any and all help would be amazing. I’ve been really struggling with this decision. If expensive schools are worth it, why so?

welcome to Core, you’ve come to the right place. search the many threads on this subject and you will find lots of opinions regarding grad school choices.
consider working for a year or two so save up cash, preferrably in a company with Designers who’s brains you can pick.

good luck

MassArt is a state university and has an ID program.

Thank you for the warm welcome and for the responses. I apologize for not searching the forum first.

The public schools I’ve been looking at are Arizona State, NC State, Georgia Tech, and Auburn, but that is strictly based on any info I could dig up. I don’t even know if these programs are seen as respectable at all.

Any info on public schools and insight /experience on the art school vs. public school dilemma I’m going through would be much appreciated!

honestly, your portfolio is the most important thing to get from a school. the only other thing that will matter are the personal connections to the profession you’ve made while there.

you spoke of your passion for design, think of the things you want to see made - where you work and where you live follow. then go to a school in that area or with that expertise, forget about the name/prestige thing…

Still so much to think about! I have a quick question to ask the community:

In the design world, is it better to have two bachelor’s (business and ID) or a business bachelor’s and ID masters?