psychology and design

hello everyone
let me introduce myself first. I will be study industrial design in loughborough university department of design and technology on sep. this year. By the way i got a Beng at university in china major in industrial design.
What i want to ask is that i am very interested in psychology,and also want to persue a degree relate to psychology in USA, but I could not find out what programe I could apply to!! :frowning:
will u help me ?give me some advise on which university in USA provide a degree phd or msc of the major that link the discipline of psychology and industrial design!
Or will somebogy suggest some university provide industrial design degree of phd based on technology instead of fine art?
thanx alot~

PS: Now I am living in shanghai of P.R.China, if you have any question about this city, just ask me! :smiley: