PS4 Controller Concept [updated]

Hi, I’m Fidel.
I’m new here, and this is mi first post. I wanna share with you a recent concept for the ps4 controller.

You can see a full explanation here Behance

This concept start from a premise: the controller must add new ways to interact to improve the gameplay, so and noting the rise of touch interfaces I decided to create a concept with that kind of interaction, but I realized that the current controller has no space for it.

Introducing the PS4 Controller concept.

The surface under the buttons and d-pad is concave. This difference surfaces (Touchpad and buttons).

Let’s check the design process.

I drew some sketches trying to keep the look and feel of the traditional PS controller. But at the end I decided to start with the current shape of the controller, adding smooth transitions between volumes and applying the changes previously studied.


PS:When Sony announced the new PS4 and revealed the new controller, I was developing this concept. I decided to only include those who from the beginning had thought.

Please check it out and share your thoughts!

Welcome Fidel, can you post images into the forum please? If you want a larger audience, and more solid review, the best way is to imbed images into your post and explain your concept.

Roger that!

Hey Fidel,

A few questions:
Won’t the joystick get in the way of your thumbs, effectively cutting off most of the area you’ve shown? It doesn’t look like you’ve lowered the profile significantly.
Also, the swipe gesture you’ve indicated moves between the areas for the separate thumbs. It looks like it wouldn’t be possible as one gesture without letting go of the controller with one hand?

Hi Mirk,
The sticks are in lower position than dualshock’s. In dualshock you can’t reach an ideal area for interaction with touchpad, this happen because of the “wings” of the controller. Since the orientation of your hands become “vertical”, your thumbs can reach more space in a very comfy way, thats why I decided to move the sticks and change the angle between its and the button area: to get more area without “noise”. In the new position you can interact with touchpad very weell without getting into the sticks.

And about the gesture, that touchpad can receive it in any place, I’ve just pointed some way to do that, in fact, I think you cant do the gesture with any hand at any place on the touchpad.

Thanks for your questions, I’m happy for getting some feedback here.