Ok- since we were all debating about the 360- I figured this might be an interesting debate as well.

Below are links to photos the PS3. I personally love it- it looks simply beautiful. I just had a huge debate about it with the design director from one of the larger video game companies.

He seems to think that the 360 is no less intrusive than the PS3. I, on the other hand, really didn’t care for the styling of the 360, but I LOVE how the PS3 looks. I just feel like the 360 was over styled and will look dated shortly after it’s release, while the PS3 will remain nice looking throughout it’s life as a game console. (but I don’t think it can be a “design icon”)

You managed to source some good photos pezzy

I am personally not feeling the new PS3, but I will definatley buy one. I am more interested whats under the hood, ie the new cell proceser from sony, toshiba and IBM. On paper it looks like the PS3 will blow the 360 away

It does not matter what they look like because it is the games designers that pack the punch in this industry. They are the ones who can provide the immersive emotional experiences that the people so crave.

I happen to think that the orginal dualshock PS2 controller is a cultural design icon and it would be silly (new for newness sake) to change it.

I agree 1010% on the controller… umless, that is, they changed it for some human factors reasons that are beyond me…

Hot damn, that thing is gorgeous! Although the elliptical cross section shape has been done before (Bose Lifestyle comes to mind), the details and material selection really seem to breath new life into the shape. Can’t wait to see it in person

maybe the reason the controller has been changed (at least for the time being) is there happens to be a pending lawsuit against sony another company claims that sony stole their design for a similar controller

Nintendo revolution…

What’s up with the spiderman font? I think the design is good but the spiderman font totally throws it off… Ick!

Sony is being sued over haptics tech. will probly lose. think its Immersive thats after them. no idea if thats the issue tho.

I like it despite beeing eerily similar to these B&O speakers:

What I think is working:

Form looks modern and cutting edge without being out of the mainstream
Looks masculine without resorting to typical masuline aesthetic
Fit in with the home environment

Basically all the things the 360 is trying to do

What isn’t working so well:

Unfortunate Spiderman font
Controler and system look like they came from two designers that never met
They could have pushed the details further beyond the expected

slippyfish thinks two thumbs up - one for the box, one for the controllers. they don’t look like they go together but I’ll get over that.

understated box design, with more power implied inside.

hey I wonder if the PS3 “exhaling” curves will mate with the XBOX360 “inhaling” ones! Might save some space for those going both routes!

For some reason it -looks- like a game console. nice consistent use of the PS logo above the disc slot.

logo treatment on top looks like an afterthought and not well-placed or choice of fonts. but the minimal embedded controls or lightpipes on the front are very futuristic, and the back ports area is just no nonsense. don’t love the vent patterns, wish they could have taken the lead and done some new insanely hard-to-mold cooling pattern.

beats the 360 on looks by a mile. can’t wait for Gran Turismo 5 on this one.

I think might trump the ps3 and 360

write ups:

the gameboy mini is pretty hot