PS will not let me save jpegs??!

So I am trying to get some stuff (for coroflot) saved as a jpeg. I made the files in Illustrator. I open them in PS and it will not let me save them as a Jpeg, I copy and past into a new file, no dice. What’s the deal? I have CS3.

Are you working in RGB or CMYK?

If your image is not in 8bits/channel it will not let you save in jpeg format

If you want to change it : IMAGE - MODE - 8 bits/channel

That was it. Thank You.

I ran into this ‘feature’ recently when trying to save out BMP’s.

Photoshop should know better than to hide things like that without explanation of why. They should at least give you the option, and then pop up a dialog as to why it can’t be saved without taking action.

I always find these things when I am not in a mood to be bothered by such things. But hey CS4 is coming soon, so maybe they will fix that.