PS rendering - Please critique


Not bothered about the design on this one, just been practicing my PS techniques.

I realise it would look better in perspective but has anyone got any other ideas about how i can make this better?



Why get hung up on 3D for this product? Your idea is easily understood by this image. you can spend mere time making the rendering more flashy, but there is no need, IMO.

More time or other views, etc. would be time better spent.

Very nice and clean rendering style. The light source on the stylus does not match the light source on the unit though. In general I think it is best to light things like this from the top left or right (like you did on the stylus) if you look at just the piano keys, it can be a bit confusing how the shadows are playing (though it is correct with your light source being on the lower right on the unit)

NIce and clean. Good idea