PS pen pressure...

Hey guys, I got a Wacom tablet. I am trying to sketch on photoshop but I can’t seem to set pen pressure on it. The lines just don’t fade. How do you do it?

Should I even be using PS for this or something like this? Thanx a mil!

Use the brush tool. Click on the brush profile you want from the drop down menu. You can knock down the opacity of the brush if you prefer. That’ll let you build up the color.

If that don’t work, and maybe you should check this first, make sure your settings for the Wacom control panel are what you want. You may have to play back and forth untill you nail down the settings vs. the brushes in PS.

Good luck.

I’ll try messing with that see what happens. I think my pad installed automatically when I plugged it in into XP, I might have to install original sw of the disc. Thanx!

Oh, yeah, that’ll do it. Then it just acts like you’re sketching with a mouse, not a pressure sensitive tablet. Install the drivers for the tablet for sure. While you’re at it, download the latest driver for your tablet from the Wacom site. Most likely the disc you got with the tablet is out of date.

you also need to turn on opacity or size jitter in your brushes menu.