prototyping help

Hey guys,
I am looking to get a new package design with a 2-piece cap system prototyped.

I want to model something similar to this axe spray in terms of functionality. The cap twists down to expose the sprayer. My school has a Z printer that uses plaster and charges $5in^2 and an SST that prints ABS plastic for $6in^2. Would this be functional with either of these materials? When I say functional I want the twisting mechanism in the cap to work and not the spray (just to clarify). What material would you use?

Basically, you want something with working screw threads? I’m not familiar with the Axe bottle, so I need more info.

For functionality, use the SST. It will give you something you can toss around. The Z Print will look ok, but you’ll break it in a week.

sst is the way to go between the two choices. sls would be better but way more$$$

design the product as 2-3 parts with srew thread ,and do them use SLA/SLS/CNC will get the working prototype.