I’m started Prototyping some utensils made out of wood but I’m finding out sadly that I have more ideas to explore and wood is a slow process for prototyping :
What material should I use or buy to make things like dishes or spoon faster ?
By the way I’m working from home I need material that I can work with my hand no 3D printing.

Which kind of wood are you using? I think if you’re using a softer wood like Pine you should be fine with the right set of woodworking tools, I don’t know how much easier you will get but hopefully there are some good suggestions here :slight_smile:

Hard to say not knowing what kind of design you are developing. I have some friends who worked for Dansk and they would often use poplar and balsa woods to work through designs. You could also use one of the lighter density reshape urethane boards. For quicker studies, you might try strucs foam (structural foam) or balsa foam. I have a friend that did some utensils for Alessi and he did them in clay at 200% scale initially.

Thank you that help a lot !

I recommend balsa wood, it is the fastest workable material while achieving high detail and strength.
If you have a good rotary tool it will also speed up your process.