Prototyping cast metal parts

Can anyone recommend a source for small run or one off metal casting (most likely aluminum) in the U.S?

I posted previously regarding investment vs. sand casting; i can have a 'positive" completed for investment casting if needed. For reference, my parts will not be any larger than a standard roll of paper towels (hopefully that is easy to visualize!!)

has anyone had a particularly good experience with vendors of that type?

If anyone has any other ideas or advice, please share them!

Thank you

lost wax investment casting is easy, we used to use a oxy torch and a potato to do lots of it (cut potato hold on top of filled mold and hold down, forms a steam press instead of a centrifuiglal system)

HA! thats awesome. i’ve heard of using a wet rag for small, like jewelry sized parts but i’ve never heard of the potatoe trick before! thats great!

you might try this is their area of expertice.


Depending on your application, you can put a metal coating on SLA parts. I have a bottel opener from Fineline, and it feels almost exactly like a casting…