Prototyping A Design

Hi, i’m a college student where i need to prototype my design which is a Walking Aid, and the material proposed is aluminium, but i have no experience in the way of getting this done.

To do customization sizing for my aluminium bars/design, i would have to summit my 3 dimensional drafting of the project to the welders, by doing so it would be dangerous to protect the copyright of my product as they will have the blueprint of my product.

Anyone with experience, please guide me on the right procedure in doing so.
Thank you.

I had a similar situation while I was in school. I took full size prints of the aluminum frame I needed bent and welded to a local fabrication shop. They will most likely need full size prints btw. They will use them as a guide to make sure what they are doing is correct. They made the frame for me and did all of the welding. You shouldn’t need to worry about them taking your design. You can always just ask for the drawings back when you are finished.

if you’re really worried about your design being stolen, get them to sign paper. Technically the copyright is yours already once it’s on paper anyways, I personally wouldn’t worry about the outsourced fabricators stealing my work (if you’re really paranoid, look at their business history). And the harsh reality is even if you spend the extra $10k on a patent and it does get stolen, small people like us don’t have the $$ to take them to court anyways.

okay, thanks for your replies, appreciate it. :slight_smile:

It’s common that students worry about their design’s being stolen. Don’t. What you are working on right now might be simultaneously being worked on by 5 people all over the world. If your solution is welded tubes, I’m sure something similar has been done and/or will be done.

Please note, this is not meant to discourage at all. If something similar does pop up, it just means you were right on target with your thinking, riding a wave of ideas. We all take from the same pool of influences and information, some duplication is inevitable. The individual contribution is what we do with those collective ideas.

In short, the reward is much better than any potential risk. By getting the design prototyped, you get a beautiful object to test, photograph, display, and show. The benefits of that outweigh any possible risk. I’ve always been of the mind that the best way to not get knocked off is to distribute your work widely. When everyone knows the source, it makes it a lot more intimidating to knock it off!

Best of luck with the proto! Post it when your done!

Thanks Yo, appreciate it. :wink: