Prototyper/Supplier for formed perf grill?


I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience with prototyping a stamped or formed metal grill.

I am working on a project that requires a couple of .stl presentation models followed by a short run of 50-100 beta units and am unfamiliar with my options regarding the prototyping of a grill-like piece on the front.

For our first prototypes we will likely use a stock perf sheet but would like to have some curvature added for strength and the edges rolled over. The grill treatment on the Altec Lansing image below is comparable in size and complexity to what I am looking for - some curvature and rolled edges.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Try making a press using milled UHMW-PE and forming the sheet yourself. You can use the 3D model to make the core and cavity. As long as the sheet is thin enough, you should be able to press it together in a vise.


Do you have sheet metal working equipment? You should be able to form the curvature by beating it over a wood pattern. Doing a nice job on the edges is going to be very tough without a roller. You can buy a cheap one at Harbor Frieght for a hundred bucks that ought to do the job well enough.

Thanks for the suggestions,

I’m hoping that doing it in-house is going to be a last option. Although initially we only need a few, we made need upwards of 100 of these grills for a beta test and they need to look “as perfect as possible”.

The client can afford to (and is expecting to) do it professionally and we don’t have big prototype shop or a lot of extra time so I’d prefer to lump the responsibility on a professional.

I have come across the following companies though: (closed until July 8th)

I’m going to give these guys a call and will post how it works out

I would check under metal fabrication in the yellow pages or Thomas Register to find a local shop. Most of these places have cnc laser cutters and metal formers to do the job. The lower cost ones tend to be mom & pop type places and can work with stainless, mild steel and aluminum. I have used small, local shops and they do a great job.

Oh, you have budget…

Try Hansen Industries in Richmond, BC.


I sound like an ad for this place sometimes, but also try They aren’t as heavy with sheet metal suppliers as they are with machining, but you should get some good quotes.

Hi, I have experience in expanded and perforated metal industry. My factory is currently doing all sorts of metal perforations. For a more detailed information, I’m reachable at Thanks.