Prototype / Model Book

I’m looking for a book on prototyping and model making, and recently saw the one below. Has anyone got this, or another book to recommend?

Have that book, it is a good one and worth getting.

I’ve also got that book. Good overview. Shows a lot of process pictures of designers creating prototypes and such. Pretty much a decent overview of many (if not most) prototyping methods. If you’re looking for other prototyping books, please consider “Models & Prototypes” by Yoshiharu Shimizu; it’s a bit difficult to find but definitely worth the read. It behaves like a tutorial book, though it has fewer total prototyping methods than the Hallgrimsson book, but you may get more out of it. Get both if you can.

I liked the Hallgrimsson book. before I picked it up, I hadn’t seen much on doing models with foamcore.

Foamcore is heavily covered in the Shimizu book I mentioned.