Prototype Creator

How would one go get a job as a product prototype creator?

Major in wood working, materials or engineering materials?
Anyone one who is a prototype creator please tell me how you got this job.


To be completly honest, most of the prototypers I know and work with on a daily basis are just trained technitions, most only have an associates in engineering technology, and have simply been trained how to program a cnc, SLA, SLS, FDM, or the new desktop resin printers (mental block on name). There are two that I know have a degree in ID from a couple small state schools in the Midwest, and one more who graduated from art center. I know of another who has a Masters in Sculpture, and does it on the side for a steady money flow. I do know however that the actual workers, the ones setting up the machines and cleaning and refinishing the parts make on average $10-$12 an hour…midwest area.

If this is what you are hoping and desire to do I suggest contacting RP houses in your area and get to know the owners and employees, perhapse do an internship. As with anything it is all about networking.